Jsail Full Range of Sails

Currently available models:

BLACK sail
for sailor over 50 kgs (over 110 lbs)

RED sail
for sailor over 43 kgs (over 95 lbs)

BLUE sail
for sailor from 35 kgs up to 43/44 kgs (from 77 up to 95 lbs)

GREEN sail
for sailors below 35 kgs (77 lbs).

Sail standard features:
– Window
– Lacing Tie-set
– Tappered Battens
– Telltales
– Sail Figures (in custom color, attached or loose), sail bag, IODA button and individual
– Sail Bag
– Class measurement certificate.
Sails made of plain or square cloth.
When ordering, please quote model, type of cloth (plain or square) and color of figures as well as your sail number (otherwise you may get set of loose 8-digit figures for self-application).

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