OPTIMAX  Mk4  Spars


The OPTIMAX Mk4 rig has already won the world title with its new stiffer mast and more consistent bending than any other Optimist rig due to advanced cleat positioning.
The new 45mm booms uses a smaller bridle to provide more room for the sailor to tack and is significantly stiffer than the 40mm booms.
Natural 50 micron hard annodized metal ages better than competitors. A special „hi-seal” with stainless insert minimizes the risk of galvanic corrosion.
There are no stainless parts riveted to the mast. The halyard cleat on the Mk4 has a side entrance specially made for a 5 mm halyard rope.
Therefore all the top sailors have switched to Mk4 spars.
We have also selected Mk4 as standard for Zoum Optimists.