ZHIK  Optimist Hiking Straps



ZHIK Optimist Hiking Straps

ZhikGrip straps are designed to connect and lock you your boat. They provide the best connection to your boats dynamics, allowing you to hike hard for longer, while keeping your foot relaxed. Using highly durable Nylon and Rubber construction the interlocking stud pattern allows for extreme grip at any angle or position.
It’s never too soon to upgrade your hiking straps to the new ones. Now available with ZOUM-Optimist, to make you more connected with the boat. There are so many benefits to these: they last longer than the boat; they hang on to you so you can get the maximum extension and keep your boat flat; they are stiffer than competitor’s straps and are more responsive when you need to get back in fast to tack, jibe, or adjust position.